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Portmore MP wants improved facilities for entertainment and sports

Sunday, September 26, 2021

KINGSTON, Jamaica— First-term Member of Parliament for St Catherine South Eastern, Robert Miller, says he is already having discussions with government officials to improve the quality and availability of entertainment and sporting centres in his Portmore constituency.

Miller told the House of Representatives last Wednesday that he does not intend to wait for the current COVID-19 pandemic to subside to encourage the government to address the issues, such as the need for improvements to the capacity of the area to accommodate entertainment and sports events.

He says that he has already been exploring the possibilities of improving the capacity of Jamworld, the main entertainment venue in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA), outside of the national stadium and the national arena in Kingston.

“I have started preliminary discussions with the Minister of Sports, Culture, Entertainment and Gender Affairs, the Hon Olivia Grange and her State Minister the Hon Alando Terrelonge, to transform Jamworld into a mini stadium and entertainment zone,” he told the House.

“The constituency is excited about this facility, as it will be highly beneficial for the citizens of the constituency, Portmore and Jamaica at large,” he stated.

He noted that sports is also big on the agenda in St Catherine South East, as the area has produced numerous talents that have gone on to represent Jamaica at various levels. However, he said that the majority of football fields and other sporting courts, including those used for netball, volleyball and basketball are in need of attention.

“We have written to the Social Development Commission to assist, and we are seeking assistance from various private sector groups,” he said.

“We are requesting that consideration to be given to the Edgewater Sports Complex, Garveymeade and Bridgeport High School are also to be given the attention they deserve, as these facilities have been banned by the respective sporting federations because of their current conditions.  I am recommending that provision be made in next year's budget to assist with the development of these facilities,” he said.   

Balford Henry