2018 — A year of decision ...if things don't fall apart

Lloyd B Smith | Wednesday, January, 3 2018    

So Christmas Day has come and gone — hopefully with a bang and not a whimper for you. Of course, “bang” is used in the positive sense here as the year 2017 has witnessed many bangs that have taken hundreds of lives. Indeed, 2017 can be dubbed the Year... Read More

Disruptive innovation and prospects for a prosperous 2018

Wednesday, January, 3 2018    

There is hardly anything more frustrating than an individual, a company, a Government, or a country with obvious potential that has run out of ideas of how to rise above mediocre performance to attain excellence. Jamaica is the textbook case of a country that continues... Read More

Recycling is easier than we think

Alexander Scott | Tuesday, January, 2 2018    

Jamaica has much natural beauty, stunning views, amazing beaches and rainforests, plus rivers that can make one's heart stop with the breathtaking majesty. However, we have one massive blight marring this beauty — garbage. Read More

Use ZOSOs to dismantle garrisons once and for all

BY Fabian Lewis | Tuesday, January, 2 2018    

As the country grapples with an upsurge in murders and the Government moves to halt it, the response in the form of the zones of special operations (ZOSO) initiative was one giant step in the right direction. Even the Opposition People's National Party, that fought the... Read More

Jamaica's inmates as agents of change

Emprezz Golding | Tuesday, January, 2 2018    

What comes to mind when you think of a prisoner? Some would say irresponsible, selfish, ungodly, antisocial, 'wutless', and the list goes on.But how often do we stop to think about the potential of the incarcerated and their acquired self-reflexivity, drive to learn new... Read More

Invested in reimagining Kingston

Stephen Facey | Monday, January, 1 2018    

As Kingston celebrates its 145th anniversary as the capital of Jamaica, Stephen Facey, chairman and CEO of PanJam Investment Limited, reflects on the historical development of the city, and examines the way forward to becoming The Pearl of the Caribbean. Facey delivered portions of these... Read More

Jamaican agriculture needs more energy and excitement in 2018

Patrick Maitland | Monday, January, 1 2018    

The new year should bring joy and hope for a new beginning and much optimism in the agricultural sector. However, if the negative trends and the lacklustre performances continue in agriculture, 2018 will be another challenging year for farmers. Read More

Future of electricity

BY TERRANCE A JENNINGS | Monday, January, 1 2018    

  Read More

Time for the politicians to know sacrifice

BY KENROY EDWARDS | Monday, January, 1 2018    

  Read More

The things about Christmas we don't talk about

Sunday, December, 31 2017    

The Christmas season is easily the most celebrated season in the world. As fall dawns you begin to sense, even in nature, a change in the environment. Things begin to take on new meaning; from the heat and often boisterous summer to leaves falling on the ground to be... Read More

Legacy of 2017: 'Climate refugees'

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, December, 31 2017    

The following is a lightly edited excerpt from a presentation to the Caribbean Actuarial Association's 27th annual conference in Nassau, Bahamas, on November 30, 2017:  Read More

Reframing leadership and reimagining our politics

Canute Thompson, PhD | Sunday, December, 31 2017    

Judging by the number of people who voted in the last five general elections, it is reasonable to conclude that a large portion to a majority of the population is not interested in politics. Data on the website of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica show a clear pattern... Read More

Reflective reminders on building the new Jamaica

Al Miller | Sunday, December, 31 2017    

We are at the end of another year that has seemed to roll by so quickly. The new year is upon us and brings with it so much uncertainty. For many it engenders fear and anxiety, as they think it is going to be just more of the same mayhem. Others look forward with hope... Read More

The underside of Christmas

Sunday, December, 31 2017    

Amid the din of celebrations in the season of good cheer, columnist Rev Raulston Nembhard rests down his sorrel to have a conversation on a few elements that accompany the Yuletide which are never given pride of place. He says as merchants cash in on sales and there is much merrymaking, we must... Read More

Namby pamby foreign policy Namby pamby foreign policy

Wayne Kublalsingh | Friday, December, 29 2017    

In 2009, Nobel Prize Peace Laureate Barack Obama came to power in Washington under the glow of international praise. There were high hopes for peace — and at least détente — around the globe following the warmongering of George Bush and Dick Cheney in the... Read More


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